Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Urbex AZ

I had a brief trip to Arizona this past weekend. I did this same trip last year and on my way back saw a really intriguing building. From the highway, just outside of Phoenix, you can see this Jetsons looking arena. It really stands out and as I love abandoned places, I had to check it out.

Phoenix Trotting Park

I wasn't able to explore it last year but this time around I had a few hours before my plane was leaving.

This place was built back in 1964. Some say it was built with mob money, I couldn't say but the enterprise ended up costing $10 million. It was abandoned 2 years later.

I love exploring these abandoned places. Perhaps I have an overactive imagination but it always reminds me of a time after civilization falls.

Where did the toilet seat come from?

The wind was blowing hard and the strange sounds added to the excitement.

You can read some more on Wikipedia here: