Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh Mendocino

I had never been to Mendocino. Lori went a couple of years ago and has been raving about it since. For some reason, it didn't register how awesome this place is. Wendy, Lori, Rakesh and I took a couple of days over the 4th of July holiday to check it out.

On the 4th, it is crazy busy so we stayed out of town and explored the woods and coast. The weather was perfect. If I could choose what weather I would like to experience this was it. Upper 60's, light breeze and I was in heaven. The heat of the valley faded like a bad dream.

Of course I have no pictures of the town itself, but it was really nice. Reminded me of the east coast and much of the architecture is in that style. And, it turns out that Murder She Wrote was filmed here as well, all this time I thought it was filmed in Maine.

We hit up some wineries on the way back as well, have I mentioned how much I love California.

Kebabs for dinner

The sisters are happy