Monday, March 10, 2014

Pacheco Falls in Henry Coe State Park

Just back from another weekend jaunt to Henry Coe. This time was not a solo trip and it was great to have some company. Jacob came up with the idea to check out Pacheco Falls, +/- 14 miles from the Hunting Hollow entrance. After nailing down dates and transportation logistics, Jacob, David and I came up with a plan. I met Jacob at his house and we took the Bart over to meet David.

The ride to the entrance was fine, I snoozed in the back of the car for a bit (I did get up at 5 am). We ate lunch at the trailhead and then David realized that he forgot the rest of his food and had to go back into town for more. Therefore, Jacob and I headed out, planning on meeting David later at our campsite. The day was just about perfect for hiking, good temperature and a nice breeze. It was a good thing too, those hills are pretty serious and we were sweating our way up and down trails.

Great exercise but as we headed up our last major climb my legs were like "Dude, you want me to do this again?" I had to give them a little pep talk, and they agreed to cooperate. We dropped down into a valley where the falls were located and made it there about an hour before dark. David joined us about a half hour later and we enjoyed the falls while trying to avoid the loads of poison oak everywhere.

Pacheco Falls

We made camp up by Wood Duck Lake, with the ducks making grunting noises all night long, it was pretty funny. Do those things sleep?

Evening by Wood Duck Pond

I spent the morning wandering around taking photos. The red-winged blackbirds were especially rambunctious, spring is in the air.

The rather odd Zpacks Duplex

David was rocking the hammock

I slept in my bivy, as usual and had a wonderful nights sleep. Had some weird dreams about horses and bees but its all good.

After a leisurely breakfast we cranked out the miles to get back to the trailhead.

Jacob messing around

David, test subject #1

Jacob and I both had a number of ticks on us, David seems to be immune.

After getting dropped off at the Bart and getting back to Jacobs, I had to hit up Punjabi Dhaba on the way home for some awesome Indian food!

Overall, it was a great trip with great company, I can't think of too many better ways to spend the weekend.