Sunday, April 27, 2014

Days 7 - 9

Day 7: PCT miles 109 to 127

Today started out damp. It seems like I don't learn from past mistakes. I know I should set up tarp when I think the dew will be bad, but sometimes I don't and then I wake up wet. So I spent the morning with my sleeping bag hanging in the sun. But everything went well after that. Made good time, even took a little nap in the afternoon. Eric and Andrew caught up with me after my nap at Lost Valley Spring and we cruised through the rest of Cleveland Forest and back into Anza Borrego. A storm was forecast to come in and we were looking for a good place to camp out of the wind and rain. We passed a couple of good spots early on but were not ready to stop hiking. After deciding to push on another 3 miles we came upon a sign welcoming hikers to stay. So here we are, camped out in our bivys on a porch on the lee side of a house, comfy and warm (mostly).

Day 8: PCT miles 127 to 144

After quite an intense night with rain, wind and snow I was glad when the morning came. Although I was under a porch roof, the wind was so strong it blew a lot of moisture onto my bivy. I had to rig up my umbrella and rain gear over me to keep dry. It continued to snow until around 8 then let up. Eric, Andrew and I had a rousing game of horseshoes as the storm cleared. The rest of the day has been beautiful with good hiking weather (cool and breezy). I am camped with a group of people in a somewhat exposed campsite overlooking a valley. I had to escape to my warm bag and bivy because of the cold wind.


Eric is now ready for anything

Day 9: PCT miles 144 to 152

A short day today, hiked the 8 miles to the highway and got a ride to the Paradise Cafe for breakfast. Hitched into Idyllwild with Will and Mr. Cup and am now camped at the San Jacinto state park. Was thinking of taking a day off tomorrow (in my original schedule) but I am feeling good so its back on the trail tomorrow. I will resupply for the next section here and then it will be 5 more days until Big Bear. Weather is looking to warm up over the next week, a good time to be in the mountains.

Headed up there tomorrow