Thursday, March 21, 2013

Joshua Tree in March

Since I started in the melon program I have been going to Arizona every spring to sow trials. I always try to make time to visit Joshua Tree park on the way back. Rakesh and I spent a couple of days hiking around the park.

Lots of sun, although not as hot as Arizona.

Rakesh enjoying the breeze

Phacelia campanularia ssp vasiformis

There is a history of mining in the park and it is really interesting to visit some of the old mining sites. The conditions people used to live under were pretty harsh, but the lure of gold was a strong persuasion.

Sitting in an old rock house built under a giant boulder by miners

Only the foundation remains

The mines were covered with metal grates. There were a couple that you could squeeze into.

I went into one mine out of curiosity. I didn't go far because I didn't have a headlamp. It was really cool to be inside a mine and think what it must have been like to dig out that tunnel. Glad it wasn't me...

Entering the mine, just follow the tracks (and climb through the grate)

Long exposure shot inside the mine, I popped off the flash a couple of times as well. It was really dark.

We spent the night sleeping out amongst the Joshua Trees. All the campgrounds were full, I guess March is a busy time of year here.

Star Trails

The next day we spent in the Wonderland of Rocks. There is supposedly a hidden house (Oh-bay-yo-yo cave), built under a rock as well as a hidden arch in this area of the park. We spent most of the day hiking around and climbing over rocks trying to find these places. While it was fun searching we were not successful. Maybe next time.

Mt San Jacinto in the distance

Where the hell are we?

Rock face

Good times were had, hopefully I can get back there soon.