Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Well Spring is definitely here, in fact it feels like it has been here all winter. I have been living the dream in California for almost 5 years now and I cannot get over how great the winters are. Its like spring for 5 months of the year. But there are some subtle changes and the leaves are coming out, more flowers are blooming, bees are doing their thing.

And, after waiting for almost 2 years, I have a plot at the local community garden! It is exactly 1.5 blocks from where I live and so I am totally stoked. It is not much to look at just yet. Here is a before picture, actually this is after a couple hours of work but I forgot to bring my camera.

Ready for planting
It is about 20' by 20', you can grow a decent amount of veggies in that space. When I have a garden I tend to focus on things that I cant afford at the store. This year, as with other years will be dedicated to peppers. I love them! As it is March it is getting a bit late for some of the cool weather crops, I will try out some carrots and beets as well as some chard and pak choi that I started in flats. Fortunately, I was told I would be getting the plot about a month ago, so I had time to start transplants.

In my garage, maybe the neighbors think I am growing pot
So the center flat is almost all peppers, I think I have 13 different varieties, from small to large, mostly sweet but a couple of hot thai peppers that sounded interesting. Also in the same flat are eggplants (3 kinds). I don't even like eggplants but they are fun to grow. To the right are the tomatoes, 4 kinds, 2 beef and 2 saladette. I started these later because they dont require as much time to grow before transplanting. In the left tray is a hodgpodge of things. I used a bunch of old seed and apparently none of the lettuce germinated, or the spinach... So I have a lot of chard and pak choi, with some random flowers thrown in for fun.