Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trinity Alps Redux

The Trinity Alps were so nice, I was happy to have a chance to visit them again. Joined a trip with a few other BPL folks for a three day excursion up Canyon Creek trail.

Got a ride up with Jacob and Sandra on Friday, we didn't hit the trail until about 3 pm but with only five miles to hike, we had plenty of time before dark.

Sandra and Jacob

The fall colors are coming out, it isn't New England but still lovely none the less. We hiked up the same trail from my previous trip on Labor Day.

Most of the trail is through the forest and we found the side trail that led to where we were going to camp. It was a beautiful spot on the river and near a meadow that was well hidden from the trail.

We chilled in camp for the evening, drinking beer and enjoying the fire.

Saturday's agenda was to hike up the Boulder Creek trail to a couple of lakes. It was a pretty steep climb and the trail was quite rocky. Justin was hiking in his five finger shoes and must have had sore feet, although he didn't complain once.

Justin sporting his five finger shoes

Rest stop on the way up

We had a quick lunch at Boulder Creek Lake and then headed up to Forbidden Lakes. It was a nice little hike with a bit of bushwhacking to keep it interesting.

Looking over Boulder Creek Lake

The Forbidden Lakes were not quite as picturesque as Boulder Creek Lake but still worth the effort.

Forbidden Lake (upper)
We headed back down to camp, somehow losing Justin along the way. Fortunately, he found his way back to camp solo.

Another nice evening in camp enjoying the fresh air and good company.

All too soon it was time to hike out.

The Sinks

The Cast of Characters:




Sandra and Jacob


Thanks to Ken for organizing the trip and thanks to everyone for making it a great time.