Friday, November 22, 2013

Death and Rebirth

Dear Family, Friends and Random Humans,

My computer has lived a comfortable and productive life however, all things must end eventually. Unfortunately, mine has had an untimely demise and so, until I swap out a few parts, the blog will be on hiatus. As I will be traveling, it will be a couple of weeks until everything is back up and running. But, stay tuned, updates will be forthcoming after the rebirth of my computer.

Update: 12/14

Finally replaced my hard drive with a brand spankin' new SSD drive. Liking the faster speeds. Upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista. Overall a very good change but it is taking some time to get everything functioning well. Took me an hour to figure out how to get my monitor to operate at a decent resolution. Also, upgraded to Lightroom 5 from 3, pretty happy with this change as well and I have a month and half of photos to go through. Good to be up and running again, new blog posts will be coming!