Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 89 - 96

Dear Folks, this is a repost of this blog entry. The first one mysteriously disappeared after a couple of hours.

Day 89: PCT miles 1597 to 1606

Morning miles usually go by fast unless it is a town day. Especially if you are expecting the trail to be mostly downhill and it turns out to be mostly uphill. This is exactly what happened today but I made it to Etna none the less. 

Jawbone, Freckles, DC and I got a ride pretty quickly and our first stop was a restaurant and the second was the brewery. After that DC and I checked into the hiker friendly Alderbrook Manor where we showered, did laundry and used the computer. 

After another trip to the brewery we resupplied from the local grocery store and got ready for the next section which looks to be short and sweet.

Day 90: PCT miles 1606 to 1622

Six of us got a ride back to the trail from the owner of the Alderbrook Manor. This section of trail, section Q, is supposed to be very beautiful and so far I am impressed. We entered the Marble Mountain Wilderness with an overcast sky, perfect for hiking. Wildflowers and springs are abundant and the mountains are lovely. There was some excitement as we passed two fairly angry rattlesnakes but no incidents occurred. Which is good because we had just met a hiker in Etna who had been bitten the day before. I guess the snakes come out in the warm weather.

Daniel chillaxin in the back of the truck

Just 55 miles to the next resupply in Seiad Valley and then its goodbye California and hello Oregon!

This lake was full of salamanders

Day 91: PCT miles 1622 to 1648

After going to bed last night and getting settled in as the rain started, I noticed an orange glow through my tarp. I poked my head out and saw the second best sunset of the trip. I scrambled out to take some pictures and enjoy the light show.

Today found DC and I continuing through the incredibly beautiful Marble Mountain Wilderness. We took a side trip to climb the Marble Mountains and then bushwhacked our way back to the trail. I really like this area and will definitely come back again.

Slow Bro and DC

Day 92: PCT miles 1648 to 1668

The 16 miles into Seiad Valley was downhill and went quickly. It was back to playing dodge the poison oak at the lower elevations. Passed by a few homesteads with State of Jefferson signs, apparently some people around here want their own state as they feel underrepresented by the California state legislature. It has actually made it on the ballot for a vote.

Be that as it may, Seiad Valley is a small town. The store, restaurant and post office are all one building and that is it for the town. There were quite a few hikers here, eating and waiting out the heat. The climb out of the valley is 5000 feet and exposed to afternoon sun. DC and I ate and did our resupply and ate some more. There was a nice swimming hole nearby as well.

Grams attempting (and failing) the 5 lb pancake challenge

Around 6 o'clock we made our move and did the climb out of the valley. The timing was perfect and we got to the top of the ridge in three hours. We are now camped next to an old lookout building with an amazing 360° view around.

Day 93: PCT miles 1668 to 1692

Hiked all day, too tired to write much. Lots of wildflowers and little springs.

Day 94: PCT miles 1692 to 1717

We finally made it out of California! That is one long state and as much as I love it, I am glad to be done. There is less than 1000 miles and I have a feeling that Oregon and Washington are going to go by quickly.

Border Party!

Staying at a campground tonight and it is super windy. In fact, I have to set up my shelter as a wind block so I can sleep. Haven't had wind like this for about 1100 miles.

Day 95: PCT miles 1717 to 1727

As both DC and I ran out of fuel there was no coffee for breakfast. I also had run out of water so breakfast was a couple of bars. Excited as usual to be heading to town, this time for a proper rest. We met up with Slow-Bro on the way down and ended up having breakfast together at Callahan's. The service was ridiculously slow but we were in no hurry so no problem.

After that we got a ride into Ashland with Ghost Angel's husband and are currently staying at the Ashland Hostel.

The brew-hike continues with a stop at Standing Stone brewery. Actually, multiple stops there. I hit up a local wine bar to try some local Oregon wines and the Caldera tap house is on the itinerary as well. It is important to drink as well as eat our calories, I have nothing extra left and I don't want to lose any more weight. At least that is the excuse.

Day 96: PCT miles (0)

A full zero day! I haven't had one in 800 miles and it feels great. I have a massage booked for this evening and I am continuing to tour Ashland's excellent selection of restaurants. 

The people at the local outfitter, The Ashland Outdoor Store, went out of their way to help me with my air mattress. I had pulled the valve out yesterday and they replaced the whole pad for free! Very cool and I got a replacement pair of Darn Tough socks for free as well.