Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 97 to 108

Day 97: PCT miles 1727 to 1738

Our last morning in Ashland. We had an excellent breakfast at Morning Glory, by far the best breakfast place for the PCT. A quick stop at Safeway for the resupply and we were done. We had a ride arranged for 1:00 so with time to kill we hit up Standing Stone Brewery again for lunch and libations.

It felt good to be back on the trail and even better because we only had to go eleven miles. The cloud cover was low and as it got dark they descended all around the campsite. Had to set up shelters to stay dry.

Day 98: PCT miles 1738 to 1766

A beautiful morning thick with low clouds. The vegetation along the trail was damp and the air was cool. I am really enjoying a break from the heat.

The trail was mostly wooded with a few open grassy areas. Not much to look at but easy to walk. Despite this, my feet were hurting by mile 20. I struggled a bit for the last six miles but this is nothing new. My feet and legs hurt every day, it just comes with the territory I guess.

Day 99: PCT miles 1766 to 1792

Today was the first day of huckleberries, I am very excited for more. DC and I also took a four mile side trip for lunch at Fish Lake Resort. The mosquitoes have suddenly become quite ferocious. There were warnings that this next section would be bad and they are true. DC escaped to his tent quickly and I put on long pants, long sleeves and a headnet.

DC pumping water

Cool ski hut

Day 100: PCT miles 1792 top 1818

Today went by quickly. There was a 20 mile section without water, however due to my lack of food, the extra weight was fine. Heading into Crater Lake tomorrow and I am curious to see what it looks like.

Day 101: PCT miles 1818 to 1842

The morning started out great with some trail magic before the side trail down to Crater Lake. Lighting Rod, who had to quit the trail earlier this year due to foot problems, was doing trail magic. We were in heaven with local craft beers and lawn chairs in the parking lot. Afterwards, he drove us to the restaurant in Crater Lake and bought us lunch! This is what really helps me to have renewed faith in human kindness.

Crater Lake

DC and I got our resupply boxes at the store in Crater Lake, did laundry and took showers. We had a 27 mile stretch coming with no water and we wanted to make a start that evening. After getting water and making dinner we hiked the rim of Crater Lake until after dark. Despite the shower and laundry, I was reminded of that scene from Star Wars where the heroes are in the trash compactor. Han Solo says "What an incredible smell you've discovered", yeah that smell was from me.

The rim at sunset was awesome and we really enjoyed the hike.

Day 102: PCT miles 1842 to 1867

Finished the waterless stretch and then filled up for another 16 mile waterless section. The landscape was pretty dramatic, especially with thick clouds in the sky. Had thunder a few times but no rain or lighting nearby. Camped at 7500 feet, the highest point on the trail for Oregon and Washington.

Mt. Thielson

Day 103: PCT miles 1867 to 1890

Actually got rained on today which was a nice change. It only lasted a short tome but was quite enjoyable. The trail has been very flat and this makes it much easier to hike. Unfortunately, my feet do not agree and are protesting. DC and I are camped next to Crescent Lake tonight.

One of the original PCT trail markers

Crescent Lake

Day 104: PCT miles 1890 to 1920

We got into Shelter Cove Resort for our resupply before noon. It seems that the resorts in Oregon are similar to California, crappy. They did have frozen pizzas and pot pies though. After recharging the phone and picking up resupply boxes, we headed back to the trail. There has been thunder for the last few afternoons and this continued. We got hail and rain to keep things interesting. We are staying in a ski cabin for the night where it is warm and dry.

Diamond Peak

DC making a tuna can stove

Playing chess at Maiden Peak ski hut

Maiden Peak ski hut

Day 105: PCT miles 1920 to 1950

A long day today with many mosquitoes. They seem to be in patches, but some patches are 20 miles long. There are cool lichens hanging from the trees.

Day 106: PCT miles 1950 to 1982

Today was a long day and we didn't finish hiking until dark but the Three Sisters Wilderness is pretty cool. We passed through an obsidian field as well as other volcanic areas. Water was plentiful and the mosquitoes were only slightly annoying. All in all, a good day.


Day 107: PCT miles 1982 to 2007

We rolled into Big Lake Youth camp to pick up our resupply boxes today. Although it was tempting to stay for dinner, we had a mission: get to Bend to continue the brew-hike. Bend has a huge number of breweries and we wanted to check some of them out. So, after resupplying we hiked to Santiam Pass and I managed to get us a ride to Bend from some day hikers at the trailhead. It is 40 miles to Bend, so not a short hitch. But the guys were really nice, they even gave us beers to drink for the ride. DC had a friend in Bend who let us stay at his place (Thanks Ian!) while he was out of town.


walking through lava fields with the Sisters in the distance

We hit up 10 Barrels brewery but couldn't continue with our brew-hike due to low tolerance for alcohol. After one flight of 10 tastings, we were both done and ready to sleep.

Day 108: PCT miles (0)

Another zero day, how awesome is that? This was not planned but we are having a great time in Bend and it is hard to leave. We are trying to get a ride back to the trailhead tomorrow but may end up just standing on the side of the road and hitching. Time to get back on the trail.


  1. Hi Adam! It was great to meet you guys. Your trip looks amazing. Nice work on the blog. What kind of camera are all these great photos taken with?

    1. Hey Buddha, it was cool meeting you as well. Thanks for checking out the blog. I am using an Olympus EM5 camera. Good luck with the southbound journey!

  2. Hey Adam. Great progress! The scenery is looking beautiful... 1 part good camera, 3 parts good photog, 5 parts beautiful sights! That's 9 parts... I think that makes a whole or sumthin....

  3. Glad to read August #3. Happy adding calories with family!